About Us

PERSONGENE was founded in 2018, is the first innovative start up accredited by University of Bari Aldo Moro. PERSONGENE creates a pharmacogenomics test aimed at personalizing the treatment. The aim is to select the best drug for a single patient based on his unique genetic background.

Academic Spin Off acredited
by University of Bari Aldo Moro

Personalized Medicine

The use of a specific genetic test allows the doctor to determinate which type of drug will work in a particular patient and also to choose the drug based on the patient’s lower predisposition to adverse effects for a given active ingredients. In this way, the doctor will be able to prescribe effective therapies more promptly, so the approach to the disease will be more effectively, safely and economically. Pharmacogenomics allows us to do personalized medicine in order to have the right drug, at the right dose, for the right person. It is possible, in fact, to know through the genomic analysis which is the response of each to a drug, a condition that varies significantly from one person to another. The determination of the type and correct dose of the drug to be administered allows to obtain the best efficacy in the treatment and to limit the undesirable effects and adverse reactions.


PersonGene uses the most innovative biotechnologies currently available.


Technique that allows to simultaneously analyze the presence of genes within a DNA sample.

Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing technique that allows to simultaneously analyze more than 300 drugs by analyzing more than 5000 SNPs, evaluating the outcome, dosage and toxicity of a drug in an individual.

Business Intelligence
Big Data Analysis

Advanced calculation platform that allows to compare all the data available for a specific subject to offer an interpretation of the result that is as complete and adequate as possible.

Genomics and Big Data are already advancing our understanding of many diseases and intensifying the development of new drugs. Improving and expanding the access to these information by digitals technologies are important to obtain more personalized therapy that are specific for the patient because are able to lower the adverse effect risk and drug resistance.

One of the biggest difficulties of the personalized medicine is the cost of the analysis. Even if, the cost of sequencing and the innovative technologies continue to decline, the personalized drug will be more economic to develop and produce, so they will be more available. Genomic data could be used to create personalized diet and lifestyle in order to identify single risk factors and the best strategies able to counter these factors. There are a lot of possibilities but one thing is certain: the more we learn, the more we will discover that there is something to learn.

PersonGene Mission

The aim of PersonGene is to make personalized medicine concrete, supporting the concept that personalized medicine (even called Precision Medicine) is not a medicine for the few, but a medicine for everyone.
This goal of wide usability is pursued while maintaining a high scientific rigor, as required by the complexity and importance of the subject matter.
Furthermore, PersonGene is in charge of training doctors, in order to support them in applying this innovative vision of medicine, setting up a direct and trust-based relationship with each.
PersonGene is also involved in early diagnosis of diseases, research and development in precision medicine, functional nutraceuticals and innovative drug therapies. It also carries out studies to identify the most risky conditions related to the presence of susceptibility genes.

PersonGene Team

Loreto Gesualdo MD, Nephrologist Medical Director
Giuseppe Dalfino PhD, Chief Executive Officer
Giuseppe Castellano MD, PhD, Medical Director
Fabio Sallustio PhD, President, Scientific Director

Academic Spin Off acredited
by University of Bari Aldo Moro